Business Practices and Standards

The rationale behind the formulation of Capajo Investments Limited is to provide holistic professional service to our customers/clients while working hand in hand with the Engineering professionals to contribute to the overall good. All our activities shall be consistent with our responsibilities to our shareholders, customers, employees and the public and our concern for the optimum development and utilization of resources.

Capajo Investments Limited has successfully executed and still executes projects and other services on the following; Servicing and Maintenance of Utility equipment. This includes taking a brief account of the performance history of the equipment.

Identifying areas of attention to particular equipment is done. Servicing of the required parts is done as per the equipment performance requirements. Replacement of parts to be changed is done basing on run hours and or frequency. Test running the equipment is done for qualification of the service activities carried out. A periodic check is done by Capajo Investments Limited to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.